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And So, It Begins...

So I left experimenting too late, meaning my experiment now has to become a game. Not a problem! I was just hoping to have more of a solid idea of what was needed before I got started is all.

So where are we?

The game is a tech demo, I can walk around, I have some pretty lighting things, and the game tracks whether I'm inside or outside, thus starting and stopping the timer!

And what do we need?

I'm glad you asked, disembodied voice that I am projecting my views of the the reader on to. The game needs, a way to know what items we need to collect, THE ITEMS TO COLLECT, possibly a map (as in the minimap kind, seeing where we are in the world), definitely a map (the level kind, currently its a temporary house in a field), the ability to pick up items from said map, and returning them!

So... most of the game... and I have... two weeks? Plenty of time! (reader she has no idea how long it will take to finish this)

Once I actually get started on this I'll start posting about it more (and maybe even start linking some demos as we go >:3)

- Luna

contact me!: luna@soup3461.com

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