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And So, It Ends

SO THE JAM ENDED A DAY EARLIER THAN PLANNED. That's fine, it's all good. I didn't have to rush to implement one final thing when already past the deadline leading to me dropping it with loads of bugs that meant I had to then spend more time trying to fix it akjsdg.

A True Victimless Crime - or - The Post Mortem

So! Let's discuss the game and how it went, first off, scope. I think I was a little out of scope for this game, it lead to bodged execution of mechanics and implementation and a general lack of code cleanliness. I try to keep my code relatively neat with comments, but the code for this one was a nightmare to navigate even with comments. Sure I could go back and fix it now but that's not the spirit of a game jam is it?

My next point is gameplay: is the game itself fun? I would always hope so. but in reality? I've had several people tell me "it's fine" which isn't damning but it's not exactly what you're looking for is it? I think it's just too obtuse. too much going on without explanation.

Balance: hahaha it's not, the game is honestly a bit of a mess, 60 seconds is a fine amount of time but the game map is too big for that I think, the items too spaced out (thanks to Emi for making me increase the unneeded item interaction giving 4 instead of 2 seconds, and thanks to James for pointing out a problematic bug about picking up items while inside!)

Overall the game is done, it's not my finest work, but if you do want to play it you can do that


If you want to read more about my game jam experiences they are all written


Until next time, where I'll talk about something other than game dev ig haha

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