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Midpoint Catchup!

Progress on the "Don't Go Outside" game jam is going smoothly, the game has all the features for a playable version (skipping out on a minimap and any quests until we're post-jam both of which being updates I might just not do) meaning I just have to piece together the actual level and not the tiny test room and surrounding field I have currently.

A Recap

So! The game as it stands is vaguely post apocalypse, set in one of my own internal universes I've used for a couple jams at work. (maybe I'll drop a post talking about it at some point) You are being sent on a supply run. The only issue being "They" will find you if you stay out too long. Going inside will provide respite, but you need to travel outside to get to the locations of the items (currently random, but I might lock them in place once I make the level proper).

A timer ticks down, and every time you return home with the items, you get a little bit back, not long enough to make the game run indefinitely, after all, the theme is "Don't Go Outside" not "Repeatedly Go Outside And Face No Consequences"

Next Steps

Get the map up and running, once I have a tilemap for the world set up I can actually test the balance of the game, how long the initial timer is, how much it goes up by etc.

Once I have those I'll also share a version of it here! Just in case anybody wants to play a silly tiny game by me.

If you've missed any updates or just want to read more about it, check out:

The project page

contact me!: luna@soup3461.com

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