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Meddling With Mechanics

It's time to start on a new project! This one is an internal game jam at work titled "Don't Go Outside!" It technically doesn't start properly until the middle to end of February, but that doesn't stop me from looking at mechanics and learning new techniques before I get started.

A Few Caveats...

I'll be using Python in an engine called MakeCode, as that is what we use to teach at work, so I'm limited to 6/7 inputs (Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Menu), which isn't a problem. I'm also at the whimsy of however "the simulator" decides my code should work. It's brute forceable, but just makes things a little more awkward.

Initial Ideas

So my first idea I have is a game about a post apocalypse, original I know, where ai powered mechs patrol the area, destroying any life they find. This gives any outing high risk and a time limit. Being inside is "safe" while outside a timer starts to tick down.

The core loop here being, you are tasked with going out on supply runs, running down your timer for the safety of others.

Mechanics To Meddle With

I already have the timer system working for inside and outside, currently working on setting a function to run on the first overlap with a particular tile for each. I'm also considering blocking views of outside while inside, a potential abuse of the lighting system for that.

I also want to put the items required randomly around the map, easy enough, but I need to make them findable? I'm thinking a minimap MIGHT be helpful for that, but my god MakeCode does not have good map support.

so that's the start, I'll update as I make more progress!

- Luna

contact me!: luna@soup3461.com

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